3 Things I will Never Do as Your Realtor

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As a licensed REALTOR®, there are few things a that I purposely try NOT to do to my clients:

1. Be “pushy” about buying or selling your home

This is probably one of the top reasons why someone may feel reluctant to work with a realtor. 🫣🤣
I don’t like to be pushy about selling/buying a home to a point it may make my client to feel uncomfortable, because it simply isn’t a benefit to neither party.
However, some people may need a bit of push to realize what they don’t see (especially with things that may work in their benefit), which also is my job to provide!

2. Not respect your life priorities and timing

Unexpected things do happen in life, and it could be as big as family matter or it could be as small as not simply feeling like seeing homes on a weekend. I do respect your timing to make sure you are in the best mind to deal with real estates.

3. Judge you for whatever decisions you make

Down the path of selling/buying your home, you might have a change of mind – either with controllable or uncontrollable reasons. Or, what your priority or criteria was before, might change all the sudden.
Whatever that is, I’d like to be flexible and mindful to comply with the change of your needs.

What are the important elements you are looking for in your relator? 😊

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