Virtual Staging of a home – deceiving, or helpful?

What is the merit of virtual staging?

Have ever you had a situation where you were looking at the photos of a perfectly decorated home, then realize that it was actually ‘virtually staged? 

I’ve personally felt that virtually staged home photos were deceiving, misleading clients to think of the home as something it actually isn’t.  

However, I recently had a chance to learn about the advantages of virtual staging, and realized that they could be utilized very positively when selling / buying a home. 

Here are 3 main items that I had learned: 

1) Supports your imagination 

Virtually staging adds a warm, home-like feel to a room, while empty rooms does give very cold impression.  

When you walk into an empty room, it is hard to imagine whether if you would be able to fit in a furniture, what it would look like with furniture, or how to structure items around the room.  

Virtual staging supports with creativity as to how the room can be decorated, staged or furnished.

2) Allows you to grasp space 

It is very difficult to grasp the space of an empty room (especially in photos!) .

 Have you ever had a situation where you checked the dimensions of the room ahead, but felt that the room was much smaller than you anticipated, when you actually walked in to the room?  

Virtually staged furnitures, such as beds or desks supports you to determine the use of the room(s), and it will give you better image on how to position/re-position your furniture or coordinate items within the given space. 

3) Allows you to play with the space 

Virtual staging supports finding additional ways to utilize the room.

You can use the room as an office, bedroom, playroom, reading room, music room, etc..  and you are able to play with the space to give the room multiple possibilities as you’d like with virtual stating.  

Especially under WFH (work from home) being new norm, showing a bedroom as an office is often attractive to many buyers.

Lastly, it is important to know, that it is required to sellers/realtors to always indicate that the picture is ‘virtually staged’, when using virtually staged photos for marketing.  

So always make sure you are looking for that description so you don’t catch yourself in a surprise when you walk into that room!  


Do you have more questions about virtual staging of a home?  

Please feel free to reach out to me so we can chat! 

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