3 things that won’t increase your home value

3 Things that won’t increase the value of your home 

As a home owner myself, I try to think about how I can increase the value of my home every time I get a chance to take on a new home project.  

Recently, my master bathroom renovation project is going on (I am writing this with a lot of noise in the background), after I’ve been waiting for months for it to start, and am pretty excited about it! 

Shockingly though, some home projects are not as value adding as we wished for – 

Depending on the type of project you are taking on, it may not add as much value than what you have paid for, or worse case, some upgrades/improvement could also hurt your home value. 

So here are 3 types of improvements/upgrades which may not add value to your home. 

1. Too much personalization 

Yes, of course we all love to personalize our homes, but too much personalization could sometimes do more hurt than add value.  

Be careful especially when you are replacing or installing new the fixtures, which are items considered to be ‘permanently attached to homes. 

Things such as: 

  • Personalized or customized light fixtures
  • Wallpapers (with unusual patterns, cartoon characters, etc.)
  • Back splashes in the kitchen Tiling, flooring or ceiling

It is best to pick the common/popular choice of items that is aligned with the trend, at a reasonable cost.

When the taste does not match the taste of potential new buyer/resident, these items could just appear as additional cost for them to make a change to them. 

2) Luxury upgrade  

While I am a big fan of luxury decor myself, high-end luxurious decors unfortunately does not add as much value as what it has been paid for. 


  • Expensive chandeliers
  • Floor tiles
  • Hot tubs
  • High-end kitchen upgrades and expensive appliances
  • Luxury bathroom
  • Extensive landscaping

Those are all very nice to have, but they unfortunately do not add more value than ‘regular’ upgrades of the same projects for being more luxurious.  

So if you are buying new appliances or utility system, try not to spend extreme price on them. 

3) DIY projects/repairs 

Unless you have years of experiences of DIY – doing an amateur DIY upgrades / repairs to your home is not recommended. 

Often times they appear obvious in the eyes of others, and it may draw the wrong attention.

Also, cost-wise, the material costs, time and the labor you put into it, mostly likely not reflect to the big increase of value of home that you’d expected for. 

In conclusion, most home upgrade / repair projects will add value to your home – just keep in mind of  3 things mentioned above, to make cost-effective and value adding upgrades to your home.  


I hope this information helps the next time you consider your home project! 

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