Hosting open houses

Every weekend I try to host at least one open house, as I love to get in front of clients to chat and exchange information about the community! 

Here are some of the basic tips on having an successful open house: 

  1. Open house signs – Place them strategically, on major roads/intersection near the property to lead as much traffic as possible. 
  2. Refreshments – I always like to have bottles of water and some munchies (wrapped individually that are easy to pick up) for the visitors to grab. 
  3. Sign in station – I assign a specific area in a house for sign in, where I will have the tablet for everyone to sign-in, MLS sheets, home data sheet and business cards available. 
  4. Open house app – I use KVCore Open house app to sign in everyone so that the data automatically drops into my CRM.  It makes the follow up process much easier! 
  5. Follow up – visitors may be on the mission to visit several open houses that day, or may be too busy with other errands after the open house, so it is very important to follow up with the visitors right away.   

Depending on the type of the house, or by the request of the owner, I might change up a little bit on how I’d do it, but these are the basics of what I do on the ope houses.  

Lastly, it is very important to market & advertise the open house prior to the day of, ideally by no later than 5 days, so that you are able to attract as many potential buyers as you can! 



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