How much do you want to sell your home for?

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A recent conversation I had with a potential seller – 

He said he would sell his house at a certain price right off the bat, so I looked into the recent neighborhoods home sales data.

He bought his house in 2019 for $225,000, and said he would be happy to sell it for $400,000.

It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 baths home in a nice neighborhood, but he had not done major updates to the house.

So I looked into his neighborhood’s recent sales, and there were 3 homes that were sold at $360,000, $395,000 and $403,000. 

But, all of these homes were completely renovated. 

If he lists his house, the first thing the buyers are going to do is look up exactly the same data that I looked at, and compare. 

Knowing that other buyers in the area bought completed renovated houses between $360K-$403K, would they pay the same ranged price for his house? 

He would either have to try to add some value to his house to bring up the price, otherwise will likely have to list in lower price point. 

Yes, we say we just need that ‘one buyer’ or the ‘right buyer’ to buy a house, but what’s the odds?  It is best to have as much buyers to come see the house, and get opinion on their price. 

Pricing your reasonably is the key to sell your home in shortest time, at the highest price – which is dependent on the buyers!

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to get more details! 

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