Don’t miss out! Homes are selling fast this spring selling season

Housing market in chicagoland is hot in the spring of 2023

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As the number of homes on the market continues to be historically low, the spring market has turned out to be very busy for new home buyers & sellers!  We are already seeing a lot of multiple-offer situations on a house for sale, and homes are disappearing within days, if not in hours! 

Both myself, as well as my realtor friends & team members have seen handful of situations where there are 5-10 offers per home.  We knew this was a trend in 2022, but seems to have extend again in 2023.

With that said, the spring market in Chicagoland is HOT, and if you are considering to sell your home this year, this may be the great time. (Keep in mind: interest rates are on the raise as well!) 

But the big question is, is there a guarantee that YOUR home will also receive multiple offers and close within days?

Well, it all depends on YOU – as the seller, who decides on the listing price of your home. 

The secret to successfully selling your home at the highest price in the shortest time, is that your home is priced “right”.   

So what does it mean that your home is priced “right”?  

It means that your price is based on the comparative homes in the area based on most recent sales, as well as your competitions knowing the market trends. 

I understand you may want to leverage the market, and list your home a LITLE BIT HIGHER – but the catch is, you have to price for your home right, or slightly lower than suggested price.

This is the way to draw MAXIMUM NUMBER OF BUYERS in the prime time, and possibly draw the buyers into multiple offer situation.  

Do you need some advice on what is the right price on your home?  Please contact me today! 

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