How many showings does it take to sell a home?

How many showings do you think it takes for a home to sell, from the day it is listed on the market until it is contracted? 

When you list your home on MLS, it is announced to the world that you are live on market!   

The very next thing you are waiting for, is for someone to put in a showing request to come visit your home.  Showing requests can come directly from potential buyers, or mostly from realtors (who represents the buyer).

Right after when you list your home, is usually the “prime time” when you have the most set of eyes on your property.    In order to attract buyers, you want to make sure that you have great descriptions and beautiful photos of your home from the time you go live.

Most realtors would recommend you to use professional photos, videos, or drone movies, etc.  

This is because the potential buyers nowadays – who are scrolling thru home search sites with their cell phones – will only be attracted to photos of the property that stands out.  If you are using bad photos, you will likely lose them in a second, and they will never come back. 

Once you are able to attract the potential buyer on the home search site, the next thing is likely that they’d schedule a showing to come see your property.

So, how many showings do you think it takes for a home to sell, from the point when the house goes live on the market, until it is under contract?  (Under contract means a potential buyer has submitted an offer and you, the seller have accepted it). 

The answer:  

In today’s market, it is taking the average of 19-25 showings per property, from the time it is listed until contracted

Surprised?  After reading how crazy the housing market has been, you’d expect a home to sell in 1-5 showings, but that is not the reality. 

The truth is, fall is a time when housing market would naturally slow down (especially in our weather), and it is likely that home buyers are being cautious looking at several properties before making decision.  

Another factor may be, that sellers may have thought that we are still in the ‘seller’s market’, had overpriced the home and it is taking longer days to sell. 

I takes patience to sell a home, as we are out of the ‘crazy’ market, but it does not necessarily mean that we are heading towards market crash, rather, taking the path to ‘normalize’ the market.


If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to reach out, and I’d love to share with you more information! 

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