Open house weekend fun!

I love hosting open houses, and I always try making every open house special. 

From the week before open house, I make sure to advertise the open house on all home search tools (MLS, Zillow, Redfin, etc.,), as well as other tools such as Google, and social medial tools such as FB and Instagram.  In addition, I blast off up to 1,000 postcards in the area to attract potential buyers! 

I prepare a home specification sheet with highlight points for every house, which I will post on a landing page to attract buyers on-line, which also will be available for visitors to pick up at the open house. (I use QR codes on my ads for those who doesn’t like to pick up paper as well :-)). 

At the actual day of the open house, I like to bring in balloons, music, chocolates, flower, etc… for the visitors to enjoy,!  But the key is not over-doing things to distract (or make the visitor think that I am trying to distract) from the main focus of touring the house. 

For the recent open houses that I hosted, I brought some cupcakes and doughnuts from my recommended local bakery, and I was super happy to see everyone enjoy them (and yes, I had to grab some for myself, too, knowing how good they are…. Ha ha ha) 

I pay special attention in making the entrance a welcoming atmosphere, with designated sign-in area (with shoe covers, masks, sanitizers for the new norm), home spec sheet (MLS data sheet & highlights of the house), refreshments (water, munchies) and music – so if in case multiple groups arrives at the door, there are things to do for them while they wait. 

At the open house, my best efforts are put on how to show the house as attractive as possible, so I suggest the owners to de-clutter as much as possible & remove personalized items (only as much as as possible), turn on all the lights in the house, and make sure that the room temperature is comfortable. 

Once open house is finished, I reach out to the visitors to thank them with personalized message (based on the conversation I had with them), to make sure we are in touch. 

So quick recap of the open house tips: 

  • Advertise the open house few days before with various marketing tools as preparation 
  • Make it fun – bring in local sweets/food, refreshments, music, etc. – But don’t over do it! 
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by working with owners and setting up an organized welcome area 
  • Make sure to do a timely follow up with visitors to assure I can answer questions I couldn’t during the open house, and ask for their feedback & plans 

Thinking of listing your house and seeking for someone hosting a good open house? 

Please reach out to me any time to discuss! 

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