Midwest and Japan Conference

Business leaders from U.S. Midwest and Japan gets together in Chicago for a huge conference!

Being a REALTOR®, I try to participate in local networking activities, not only to increase my exposure as a realtor to the local community, but to meet great resources of people within our outside of the real estate industry.

I am part of SBA (Schaumburg Business Association) locally here, which is a great business networking group.  They host a lot of fun events throughout each weeks, so I highly suggest that you check them out! (Link will be far below.)

On September 11th & 12th of 2022, I had the privilege to participate in the Midwest USA and Japan Conference, which was a fascinating event which the Governors of Midwest U.S. States (IL, MI, OH, etc.) and Governors from key prefectures in Japan joins together, along with various key Japan-based company leaders in the Midwest, to discuss their dedication, success and future goals in Midwest Economy.

During the reception on the first evening, I got to hear the speech of Governor Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot in close distance, which was just memorable.  I also got to meet with the Governor of Gunma, Japan (in photo above), and exchanged words with many of the major company leaders!

During the conference, key leaders such as CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase, had given a presentation about their business, investment plan, innovations and goal of their business in the Midwest, then opened up for panel discussion.  I was extremely impressed to realize the strong connection between the Midwest & Japan key business leaders, with such great passion to dedicate to the future economy in the Midwest together.

The best part about the conference was that I got to meet with many REALTOR®s from Chicago area, as well as out of States!  (And yes, the food and settings in Navy Pier & Alder Planetarium was just amazing as well).  I was also happy to be able to meet the owner of AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) in person.

Especially someone I met from Ohio, who has established her own real estate business, to connect U.S. investors to the rotating ex-pats from Japan who comes to USA for temporary assignments.  Another realtor works with mix of Japanese clients & U.S. clients, and has a system to refer clients from Japan to a real estate firm which specializes in supporting Japanese clients for their relocation.

The participants were probably more than 200 people, and I got to meet with variety of people in the 2 nights I was there – I got to talk to the Director of career service for a college in Wisconsin while grabbing a cocktail, got to talk to a specialist from Illinois Department of Commerce while on a break, got to talk to Sr. Director of Business Development from Des Moines, IA while taking a bus to dinner – It was just so exciting to find out who you will bump into next!

What I love about networking events is that it really gives me the motivation to strive, and it always makes me want to be a better person – by being touched by great people. 

I believe the next conference in 2023 will be in Japan (!), so hopefully I will be able to make it into that one, too….!

Do you have any particular networking events that you like? 

If so, please let me know!


For more information about MWJP Association, please reference their website at URL: https://www.midwest-japan.org/

Schaumburg Business Association homepage: https://www.schaumburgbusiness.com/

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