My 7 methods of marketing your house

How do I differentiate myself from other real estate agents? 

That’s a forever question that I need to keep chasing after to strive, but what I focus is on the ‘value’ that I can bring to my clients. 

Listing someone’s property is a very honorable opportunity as a realtor, so I will use all methods, strategy, knowledge, experience and support I can get to market my client’s listing better than anyone else in the market. 

It does take intensive labor, time and cost to market a home in today’s market when you want to be creative and strategic!  

Here are 7 methods that I use to market my client’s listings. 

1. Social media 

I advertise homes on variety of social media tools including Facebook and Instagram, with paid advertisement to capture the eyes of few thousands in the local market; 

I do carousels and videos from “Coming soon” to “New on Market:, “Open House”, “Price Change”, “Under contract”, etc… to let the community know of every update that is happening to the property. 

The tip here is that I don’t just post once and leave at it, but continue to post throughout the sale of the home to keep reminding everyone about the home & continuously catch new audience. 

2. Professional & Personal Sphere

I reach out to my personal sphere (such as friends, ex-coworkers, industry experts, other realtors in the area, etc.) to ask to support me spread the word of the home on sale to their sphere!  There is nothing that beats the strength of local connection and relationship, who is most likely to find a solid buyers in the area for the home. 

3. Zillow, HomeSnap, Redfin, etc… MLS ‘and plus’!   

I don’t only rely on the MLS, but also make sure that the listing is promoted in other popularly used home search tools such as Zillow,, Redfin, HomeSnap… etc. I make sure that every one of those tools have the listing details and is set up to announce any updates. 

4. Postcards & Flyers 

Did you know that your neighbors can be a great resource to bring in potential buyers to your house?  Because they are familiar with the area, they may have friends/family who likes to come into the neighborhood, or someone who lives in the neighborhood may be looking to downsize or upsize in the area.  I create and send postcards and flyers to promote the listing, and often times, I’d order +1,000 postcards at the time! 

5. Open Houses 

I love hosting open houses! I always make sure that visitors can enjoy their experience, so I like to spice things up with flowers, balloons, cupcakes, chocolates… whatever I feel like matches the theme of the house.  It does take additional promotional efforts dedicated to open houses, in addition to the listing marketing! 

6. Google Ads 

I blast off paid Google Ad to a pinpointed area to capture attention of those who are looking to buy in the area as much as possible.  Creating a landing page (special webpage dedicated to marketing one property) is another method that I take to stand out in the competition. 

7. Team Power! 

I work for Berkshire Hathaway Home Service Starck team who has over 80 agents in total, and we share visibility to all of our listings and support each other to market our listings.  Each one of us have speciality in areas with different spheres, so we leverage each of our contacts to bring in potential buyers! 

Lastly, it is very important to keep up with the analytics in order to monitor the performance of each marketing methods, and to update or change the strategy as needed. 


Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more of what I do to promote your home, as I would love to help you sell your home this year! (or next year!) 

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