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Here is my 7 basic steps of selling a home

Selling your home is probably one of the most emotional event, and that is the reason why I would like you to be prepared as much as possible before we start the process.  

I will take you through step by step process, because I’d like to make your experience less stress, and more fun!
Having a solid marketing strategy and negotiating plans, are the 2 keys to success in selling your home in shortest time and at best price possible. 

My Services For Sellers

#1: Consultation

Understand your goals and motivation to establish an alignment and solid marketing plan.   I will go over step-by-step home selling process in details, to get your prepared. 

#2: Decide on Listing Price

Pricing your home right is the most important factor to sell your home in the shortest time at the highest price possible.  I will provide detailed CMA with historical & current market data in order for you to determine the listing price. 

#3: Preparation

Prior to listing your home in the market, we will take steps to prepare your home for sale.  Items includes things such as repairs, de-cluttering, painting, staging the home, and getting professional photos & videos. 

#4: List your home

We go live on market!  Your home will be marketed using combination of ads, social media, signs, videos, open houses and even specialized events, in order to attract every potential buyers in the market. 

#5: Offer & Negotiation

Once we receive an offer from potential buyer, we will move on to the negotiation stage.    Negotiations can take different paths based on the offers & contingencies presented by the buyer(s). 

#6: Under contract

We are now in what’s called the ‘ escrow period’, which is when buyers will conduct inspection and appraisal of the home.  In order to make sure things goes smooth (and no surprises!), step 1 & 3 is very important. 

#7: Closing

It’s the day which the sale of the home will be finalized!  

All of the paperwork relevant to ownership of home will be signed & transferred to buyer. 

are you Thinking of Selling Your Home on Your Own? (FSBO's)

It is very common for sellers to consider selling their homes on their own as FSBO (For Sale By Owners), and I am happy to to provide values and insights to FSBO’s to support selling their homes in safely, efficiently and fast!

Download my FREE FSBO booklet with 20 Steps to Selling Your Home, and ask me any questions regarding menu items and I am happy to be in touch with you!

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Check out our FAQs selling buying real estate in Chicago Northwest suburbs

Listing price of a home is usually determined by Comperative Market Analysis, which is an opinion of suggested listing price of your home based on historical & current market data in the neighborhood.   I will run this data and walk you thru the details throughly, and we will re-run and review as many time as needed under rapidly changing market & competition. 

One thing many sellers must be aware of, is that it is generally not the sellers that decides the fair price of the home – but, it is the buyers.  If the buyer feels the house is worth what the seller is asking for, they will pay for it.  But if you are not priced competitively, buyers will not bid on the house.  It is the demand that drives the home price up.  That is why it is very important to understand the risks of over-pricing or under-pricing your home as a seller. 

Also, having knowledge on common contingencies and negotiation terms are very important, that way  you are able to respond and negotiate witht he buyers effectively and timely without losing time. 

I will run what is called the “Seller’s net sheet”, which is a breakdown of estimated  costs associated with selling your home, with the support of the lender.   It will have the breakdown of costs for closing and what you will net upon sale of the home.  Also, depending on the negotiation terms there may be an unexpected costs (such as repairs, credits, etc.) , in such case, I will always pass on the details for you to review & approve ahead. 

Real Estate broker, or real estate agent is a licensed professional who represents sellers or buyers in real estate transaction.  We are obligated to work under the 5 fiduciary duties –  Loyalty, Confidentiality, Disclosure, Obedience, Reasonable care and Accounting – to support our clients thru the real estate contract negotiation.  Real Estate agent/broker is obligated to work in the client’s (means your) best interest, and not theirs, nor the seller’s.  With that said, it is recommended that you interview your agent/broker prior to signing a contract to assure you will be happy with working with him/her. 

There is a specific range of commission percentage that I work for with sellers, however there has been cases which I have provided discounted rate based on conditions of the contract.  As each home sales are very different and unique, it is something that we try to work out with each seller based on conditions given. 

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