Thinking of buying a home in 2024?

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3 tips for buyers thinking to purchase a home in 2024

3 advices for those of you considering to buy in 2024 – collaborating with Danielle from American Portfolio Mortgage! 🧑‍🏫📝

1: File your taxes quickly!

– So that you are able to get all of the documents available and be ready to move quickly when you find your home

2: Limit the extra spending

– So that you are able to demonstrate a good savings pattern and you have required assets available

3: Don’t add on your debt

– Adding in a debt may trigger a red flag indicating possible change in spending pattern or available funds!

+ Bonus tip: for newly graduates considering to buy in near future, save your diploma and transcripts

It’s no myth that a once-qualified loan falls through due to the negligence of a buyer (like buying a car before the purchase of a home is finalized😱), so make sure you are working with a lender/realtor who gives you best advises and guidance!

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